Thursday, March 29, 2012

oh dear its been a while....

Omg as I read Cassie's blog I went back and re-read my blog from over a
year ago. So much has happened. I have changed jobs more times than I care to
mention. The good news is that I have a permanent full time job starting
Monday. MONEY that is exciting!

I still very much plan to travel, but being that I have been unemployed
for a while I have a lot of catch up to do. I do hope to start saving in the
next wee while.

I have worked on 3 great shows in the last 12 months and have auditions
for the next one this coming week end. I was lucky enough to work with a
company that is allowing me to stretch and grow in my roles. I was asked to
take the reins and be the production manager and try my hand at putting my
skills to work. I feel that I learnt so much and I definitely have so much more
to learn and will work on that in the next show. I feel very privileged.
Life is busy and full. I feel very lucky to have met new friends and
still make time for the friends that mean a lot to me. I am very fortunate that
my strong friendships work for me as I do go a bit AWOL from production week to
the week after the show closes (as you need to recoup).

At the end of the day the goal is to get to NYC and the UK, I have to
earn some annual leave and save the monies!

I’ll try to remember to keep you updated

Take care