Tuesday, June 15, 2010

fail with a major side of win

Ill start by saying I failed to put any money in my savings account this fortnight for my trip back to the UK. This was a hard-ish fortnight on the old paycheck. Where I did however win, I paid all the bills, rent, tickets to cabaret fringe shows (totally a necessity) and DID NOT buy any shoes. That is one major win for me! I did slide a little and buy 2 new scarves, but at $10 each, they were bargins I couldnt walk away from :).

This last fortnight was full of shows, shows and more shows. Curtains (Therry Dramatic society) was a smash, the cast and orch played to full audiences and they LOVED IT! - There was some interesting times, but all in all I made new friends, got to hang out with old friends and cemented relationships. The show was tight, the reviews were shinning, they loved it. No bad comments at all.
I also saw Pirates of penzance ( by Gilbert & Sullivan Society), which was also amazing. I am always in awe of set design and concept and staging. I loved the chore and the fact that a friend of mine, who is always nice in real life and on stage played the bitchy girl. My word that alone was worth going to see.

On a health note ( as i also want to look my best when heading back to the UK) - i have lost a few kilos ( not gonna say how many) i have started Zumba classes - so much fun. I hate exercise, but this is dance. Cassie and i have a 7 day free pass, so were gonna try more things to see it we want to join the whole gym, or just zumba. I could probably loose more weight if i also watched what i eat. so will try that too :) - maybe try Maggies idea from her blogs.

This up and coming week is full of Cabaret Fringe shows, Benny Finn and Mark Nadler, Mitchel Butel, Stephen Schwartz and then Bennys own show - oh and shoshanna bean next week.

good times ahead,

till then - keep safe xxx

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