Monday, June 28, 2010

Life is a Cabaret old chum

All my shoes got the best work out this last fortnight!!! and I didnt buy any new ones - GO ME!!!

I write this very sleep deprived and slightly run down. OMG the Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2010 was amazing. The picture is of myself with the wonderfully nice Mitchell Butel. I saw so much, I saw Mitchell's show twice, Stephen Schwartz and friends and Shoshanna Bean. Can I just say that Mark Nadler in the piano bar was off the hook. What a grand performer and all the wonderful guests he got up to sing with him. This in fact made me wish I'd seen more. I only missed one night, I was addicted. Mark was so gracious, I bought his album after the 3rd night I saw him perform. I am so in love with it, while talking to him one night I asked if he would sing "someone to watch over me" which he did, he even called me a young lady...young lmao. What a fabulous feeling knowing he was singing that coz I asked him. What a grand song/performance it was!

Besides all the grand performance's, I have to admit a highlight was meeting Mitchell. Cass and I spoke to him after he performed at the Stephen Schwartz show. We just wanted to let him know we thought he was awesome, we meet his parents and left it at that. A few nights later, it was Marks last night at the Piano Bar and Mitchell got up to sing. So of course I started to film with my phone, he waved and I freaked and stopped filming. He gestured to keep filming so I did ( coz I wanted to share with Cass later). After the show ended Mitchell came up to me to apologise coz I stopped fliming him. Can he be any nicer? I think not. Everyone I have spoken to has said he was the nicest guy at the festival. So we got a photo to mark the occasion, we had a wee chat and we both continued our nights.

I have in the past met a few other performers (and someone lesser known )and even in my amature theatre life who are rude and have a "do I know you?" or "and who are you?" attitude. So to have a normal conversation with someone I respect as a performer was just lovely.

Seeing friends like Benny perform, makes me so proud to have friends that can do that. Please check out my fb photos of him performing at the Piano Bar with Mark.

To top off all of this I've had a family wedding, a birthday and a engagment to attend. I'm so tired its not funny. I will be smart next year and take annual leave over the cab fest and I'll see a lot more. In the up and coming months will be travelling interstate to see "Sugar" and "Mary Poppins" - this self confessed musical geek just cant enough

keep safe, till next time


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