Monday, September 6, 2010

Melbourne then Broadway

Sorry its been a while since my last update, but I dont feel like I have done much since the cabaret festival.

I have made plans to go to Melbourne on the Oct long week end with Hayley to see a few shows and and shop. We have booked tickets to Hairspray for the opening week end, our lovely friend David Gauci is part of this wonderful show and we are going to support him in his transition to professional work. We also booked tickets to Sugar (musical version of some like it hot) with Mitchell Butel in the lead, who also won a Helpmann last night for best male lead in a musical for Aveuen Q - congrats Mitchell!!. This should be a very exciting week end ( we also hope to get tickets to Mary poppins, but so far its booked out ( well any decent seats are)

I have also made changed to my trip away next year. Although I very much still plan to go back to Ireland and the UK to catch up with friends, Im going to New York to see as much broadway as I possibly can. My friend Patsy's only clause is "as long as she can see The Lion King" she's happy. mmm I hope its on. So by day we will see the sights, and but nights well see all the shows possible. My only regret right now is that Promises with Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes will be over by then.

I had put my travel plans ( the overseas ones) on the back burner - but thanks to reading Claire McEvoys blogs about her travels around Asia and how much she is enjoying it, this has really spurred me on to save and live the dream.

Ps I may have some exciting news in regards to work soon....keep posted

until then keep safe

Leesha xxx


  1. *sigh* I want to go back to NYC... it was awesome! The hostel I stayed in was great if you want info.

    Lion King will still be playing... it's unlikely to ever leave broadway. BUT you will have to book that one in advance as they never ever have it on the half-price list. We need to chat about cheap tix - it's easy and there's heaps of choices :-)

    First stop Melbs :-)